Female head model

This is a old model I did years ago with SudDiv in Max, rendered in MetalRay.

Modelling - Hi-res M4A1 [SOPMOD]

This was some work I did for prototyping with another weapon artist (Michal Rezska). I modelled all the peripherals onto Michal's weapon mesh (converted from an M16 model). This model was the basis to create full normal map bakes onto a game resolution mesh.


Here are the meshes I did for Bodycount. With the exception of two of these, all where outsourced for texturing and loding.

OFP: Red River

 Here are the two weapons I worked solely on for OFP: Red River, M4A1 and M16A4

And here are the wires


Below are game screengrabs, I created all scopes and attachments. Weapons are a mix of solo work and a colaberation with 2 other artists based in Kuala Lumpar whom I worked with on the project.